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OMG Burrito
Jojo’s OMG Burrito makes you say ‘OMG, how am I going to finish this?’

Main Dishes

OMG Burrito //
Kimchi fried rice
with salad greens, cabbage, cucumber, shredded carrots, Jojo sauce and choice of protein.

Korean Rice Bowl (Bibimbap) // Kimchi fried rice w/ assorted vegetables and Jojo sauce, topped with a fried egg and choice of protein.

Korean Style Tacos (3) //
Your choice of protein topped with wasabi apple coleslaw topped with house aioli, Jojo sauce on corn tortillas

Mongolian Cheesesteak //
Sauteed beef with JoJo’s sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled onions, green peppers

Jojo Loco //
2 chicken katsu topped with 2 fried eggs & green curry sauce on a bed of kimchi fried rice

Jojo’s take on traditional Hawaiian style Loco Moco

Fried Rice Scramble //
Kimchi fried rice with scrambled eggs and topped with your choice of protein

Korean Salad Bowl //
Spring mix, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, pickled daikon, Jojo sauce, topped with a fried egg & sesame ginger dressing with your choice of protein

Have you seen a more satisfying salad bowl?

Sloppy Jojo //
Hamburger bun filled with spicy Korean pork, sauteed peppers, onions & mozzarella cheese topped with wasabi apple coleslaw, house aioli and Jojo sauce

2-FER //
2 Sloppy Jojos stacked on top of each other with a fried egg

Proteins Proteins

BBQ chicken

Bulgogi beef

Spicy pork



Choco pies

Jojo’s housemade kimchi

Waffle cut french fries

Wasabi apple coleslaw

Jojo’s Korean Food Guide

Bulgogi: Tender strips of grilled beef with Jojo’s Korean marinade

Jojo Sauce: Jojo’s personal gojuchang recipe, a traditional Korean chili paste mixed into a sauce

Kimchi Fried Rice: Kimchi and rice is stir fried with Jojo sauce and veggies

Spicy pork: Grilled pork marinated with Jojo sauce